Empty Orchestra (Porn Karaoke)
Work In Progress...

Centre stage, alone and disembodied under a spotlight, will be a pair of hands. Eager for ritual, the hands wait for the music to begin. On cue and directed by pornographic images that are unseen by the audience, the hands begin to work on a hunk of clay, mimicking gestures on screen. Once each object has been satiated, it will be placed on a conveyor belt and the whole process will start again, with a new piece of music. The stage will eventually be filled with the clay surplus globs generated through these acts; each containing traces of movement and a nod towards the many hands that created them.

The work explores the modern individual’s relationship and addiction to pornography and more broadly, “object” attachment. These objects of attachment are repositories of meaning. Porn, as just one example, becomes a sad companion we turn to for release, to externalise and transform a feeling into a physical thing.

We will collaborate with musicians to produce a soundscape which directly mirrors the movements in the videos. It will be inspired by ballads and crooners precisely because this kind of music is often performed by one person and listened to alone. We aim to uncover what temporary release this repetitive act provides. Is it an elevation from boredom? An attempt to find relief from trauma? A search for connection? Sensuality? Or does it ultimately make real connection even harder to obtain.

In Collaboration with Emily Wood
Stills below showing initial plans for this performance piece.

© Laura Durward 2020