Got a Huge Signal with my Equinox 800!
Margate NOW Festival 2019

12 mins. 2019

“I tell you what John, if you dig and dig and keep on digging, what is it you even think you’re going to find?!”

A film installation tracing the currents of desire lurking under the surface of everyday activities. In a playful reimagining of detectorists' YouTube uploads, the films probes into the subconscious of a middle aged hobbyist metal detectorist John, to explore the dark and squelchy crevasse of desire.

When John digs in Margate sands it is not old coins that he finds, but an empty chair that bursts into flames and instructs him to “dig deeper” with his subterranean tools to uncover whatever it is he has lost. She seduces, goads and humiliates the detectorist until his tepid pursuit for buried treasure unravels into a core or writhing, violent, object-less longing.

Written and Created with Emily Wood 
Sound Design: Bruno Burton and Barney Pidgeon
Performers: Chris Knott and Lene Larsen

© Laura Durward 2020