'How've You Been Awake For So Long' is a soapy break-up drama dripping with absurdity and painful longing, featuring Bruno and Tony as a couple in crisis. Drowning in their daily rituals of bubble baths and bedtime whiskeys, Bruno decides to leave the schmaltzy nest they have created together. Tormented, Tony starts to see Bruno everywhere - as his therapist and as an apparition in their now empty home. But could this end lead to a new beginning?

From Nu Garcon: "Emily Wood and Laura Durward cast Nu Garcon in a sensually seductive, pastel-tinted psychodrama in their new video for ‘How’ve You Been Awake For So Long?’, filmed on location in the romantic prefab hinterland of Catford’s Excalibur Estate.

In this strange and comic love story, which plumbs the depths of agony and ecstasy, Emily and Laura take us on a visually exuberant journey through startling subaquatic visions of dancing flesh, pink plastic lilies and shaven torsos glinting gold under soft lights…

In scenes that will thaw the hardest of hearts, we watch through tears as Bruno leaves Tony forever, driving off into the night, his lip gloss shining blue off the dash. It’s a love story that will echo through the ages.”

Written, Filmed and Directed by Laura Durward & Emily Wood
Clothes by Olubiyi Th 
Special thanks to Fio